The East Coast Romper has been a help in the music scene since it's inception back in April 1994, starting out as an outlet to help the local/unsigned bands throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island and beyond. Once a buzz was created, the zine stepped up a notch as it began its small crawl up the national ladder. Roadrunner Records was the first label to work with The Romper and Fear Factory was our first interview and first band we here at The Romper ever met. Ever since then it's been nothing but up for this small zine. Working with a mass of record labels, PR firms, bands and street teams, The East Coast Romper has been an informative, fun zine/website and will continue to keep that up and let everyone know about all the up n coming bands and renowned acts!

What makes Stephanie aka "ROMPERCHIC" happy? That's an easy one: MUSIC! If you asked me 10 years ago if I would ever be meeting bands I looked up to in my younger days I would have said are you crazy? But from the boredom of a lame town I live in and just the pure love of listening to music the East Coast Romper was born. Working with local bands to begin with and then venturing to the national status that I am now at, it's been a long haul but worth every hard working moment. It all can be thanked to the wonderful people at Roadrunner Records, who gave me and my little print mag (back in the day) a chance. Now I sit with more then a handful of labels, PR companies, listing me as one of the top webzines out there. Makes me happy and a little shocked. Plus all the memories I have really makes up for the blood, sweat and tears that have been put in the making of the Romper.
The goal for the Romper is not to judge any bands, I'm just here giving my thoughts of different music styles and bands I receive. I'm here to be respected and help out the smaller bands that recently got signed, the unsigned and possibly the bigger bands when the opportunitues arise.
Other than the Romper what do I love to do? ...hmmm... shopping is always a good thing, working out, I dig the internet to a point, going to shows, traveling when I can, and meeting new people. My top 3 bands have to be Nothingface, (HED) pe and 36 Crazyfists but If you take the time to read the Romper you will see others I consider Grade A. There is probably more I can say about myself but I don't want to take up too much space and also i want to leave some mystery...

Yes, it is true, my actual first name is Brodie. I can thank my hippie parents for bestowing that name upon me. For that, I'm quite greatful for since it's rare and I have only met one other person with the same first name. I can also attribute my love for the more aggressive, heavier sounding music to the rents. That was readily apparent at the tender age of 7 when I bought my first record; Kiss-Dynasty (yea, I'm old enough to own records). From that point on, the love affair for music has continued to be an important part of my life. From playing in bands when I was younger to being the music director/station manager for a college radio station, I have consumed as much of the music industry as possible. Unfortunately, I got separated from it for a few years until my personal schedule changed and I stumbled upon The Romper. At that point, Steph was gracious enough to give me an opportunity to provide The Romper with some of my music reviewing insight. As far as my current line of work goes, I sit behind a desk crunching numbers, pushing papers and making phone calls. I believe the term is called "desk jockey." In case you care to know, some of my favorite bands are Earthtone 9 (sadly, they are not longer together), Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys and Mudvayne.


The real Sam Adams was a major leader and activist in the American Revolution, led the protest against the Stamp Act, was a founder of the Sons of Liberty, a principal organizer of the Boston Tea Party, a member of the Continental Congress and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The fake one shown here is really a guy in New Jersey using a nom-de-plume who hosted a "metal" radio show in college, had his own music publication and has been writing record reviews for 10 years. Aside from periodically contributing to, I have been a regular album reviewer for Carbon-14 magazine out of Philadelphia, PA (under my real name). Faith No More, Type-O-Negative and Clutch among some of my favorite bands and the only beer I'll drink is…Samuel Adams !
I used to trade issues with the Romperchic in the mid 1990's and a mutual respect for each others' publications developed as well as a friendship. East Coast Romper has come a long way and I'm happy to be a contributor to this great web site !