“Steph knows good music like a motherfucker, and when it comes to wasting precious hours finding out about new bands while sitting hungover at work on a Monday
morning, look no further than EastCoastRomper.com, kid. Great site, great reviews..what else could you ask for in an Internet portal? No, the answer's nothing. You couldn't ASK for more, fucko.”
Yonze (guitar) - Rubikon

“the East Coast Romper has loong been running on the net and is always on the money for good music.”
Shaun (guitarist) - SOIL

“I think this zine is very informative, covers great bands, and Stephanie and crew know there stuff! I find their opinions to be intelligent & honest and keep me coming back to the site. I expect this site to continue to gain more & more popularity!”
Nathan Mallon - Thoughts On Vinyl Management

“ECR is a great site that isn't afraid to cross genre boundaries. This diversity is awesome and will surely help ECR grow in the future.”
Sean Rhorer @ invisibleyouthpr

“The East Coast Romper is one of the best music sites out there. You can always expect to see thorough reports of both well known bands as well some amazing independent artists who are on the rise. It's a must read on a weekly basis in my book.”
Marc Bryant - Singer/Songwriter and Editor/Music Journalist for Southern Jam Online

“I stumbled across the ROMPER through one of my friends who lives in the Boston area. I work with the local scene here in Denver, CO promoting shows, upcoming bands & whatnot. The Romper in my opinion is not only a resourceful tool to learn about music, IT kicks ass!! And to boot, Stephanie has helped me in my own ventures out here. I've read a lot of interviews of the national bands that I personally support & they've come in handy when talking with said bands, when they're here. I also don't think Vulgar Ink would be as far as we are w/o her (and the East Coast Romper's) help! The Romper is very helpful, and Stephanie rocks my fucking socks off!”
Stephani - Vulgar Ink

“I first talked with Stephanie in January of 2004. We had just released our album on a rather small record label and I was just excited about the fact that we had received a kind review and someone wanted to interview us. Stephanie and I talked for about 2 hours. the interview was very professional and very fun, which usually doesn't occur. since that interview, Stephanie has been very supportive of Casey Jones, including the promotion of our band on her website and an offer of assistance for anything that we might need in the Boston area. meeting people like Stephanie is one of the things that make the scenes, the bands, and the people involved in hardcore such an amazing thing to be a part of.”
Josh - Casey Jones

“East Coast Romper represents!!! It's not just talk... it's rare to see someone who supports the music scene so sincerely. A dedicated bunch with a rad site -you can't ask for anything more. Long live EC ROMPER.”
Jeff Jaworski of Red Tape, Roadrunner Records

“Stephanie and the Romper are exactly what the music business desperately needs more of. She's a true music fan that overly extends herself to make the artist, as well as management, feel comfortable and at home. After spending about two seconds on the phone, you learn what Stephanie is all about. She's a a die hard for spreading the word about music she loves, and she does what she does for all the right reasons. The Romper is an extremely cool musical corner of the world. Not only does The Romper cover great and successful nationally signed acts, but also the same attention is given to the nation's top unsigned acts...which is rare to say the least. We all cherish what The Romper has done for us, and we'll continue to give back as much as we can to Stephanie and the entire Romper crew. Thanks again for all the support!”
Chad Calek, Manager of No Name/Elektra recording artists, on behalf on Index Case as well.

“east coast romper is a great online publication for the northeast, and stephanie has knack for writing compelling interviews and editorial. i highly recommend it to anyone wanting to check out the new england scene.”
Newby (vocalist) - Brazil

“Romper stepped up and helped us scout out the best of the underground northeast bands for our new surf/skate video/dvd 'What Exit? 2'. With music such an intergal part of making entertaining, engaging and successful action sports videos, the soundtrack Romper assisted in put together for us will undoubtedly be a large part of 'What Exit? 2's popularity. Big thanks to Steph and Rachel for all their contributions!”
Chenzo co-founder - Whatexitproductions.com

“Stephanie definately has her head in the right place when it comes to great music. She gives just enough detail about a band that makes you want to go find out more about them. She has definately turned us onto more bands that we have never heard of, and that is always a plus!”
Straight Line Stitch

“Great review!!!! I don't think I could have written that review any better if I had tried. Great summary of the album!!”

“East Coast Romper gets two thumbs up from us chumps in Implant! Spreading the word is key for unsigned bands like ourselves, and that's just what the ECR does. It also doubles as a fix for all us music junkies on the lookout for something new.”
Seth (drums) - IMPLANT

“After 10 plus years in the scene, the romper has proven to be one the first websites out there with a diverse musical taste. very supportive of new artist and one the best interview sections around. when you see and interview on the romper you get a different kind of interview. not the usual kind of question that most ppl ask. thanx to Stephanie for helping nonpoint's career be it by an interview, concert review or the countless email updating ppl with our current happenings.”

“EastCoastRomper!!! What needs to be said about one of the best music sites on the net! Keep up the good work girls it doesn't go unappreciated...”
Timmy - Halo Grey

“Steph and the ECR went out on a limb to cover our band when there was no reason to do so except the fact that she liked our music... outspoken will never forget the kindness of the ECR... people who do what steph does for the love of the music are unfortunately a dying breed... so a big heads up and pat on the ass for the ROMPER...”

“It's good to see that fans/friends of the bands are active in promoting our dreams. It's essential for smaller bands like us to get recognition this way. The biggest way to spread the word these days is through the Internet and word of mouth. You guys rock for helping out bands and it's obvious that you are having fun through it. Keep spreading the word, people like you guys are what bands like us thrive off of. Keep laughing. Still Geeking..........”
Kaustubh (Stubhy) - lead vocals - Lucky Boys Confusion

“East Coast Rompa' mag/website is da best, babie!
Ya gotta love these girls, traveling all over the fucking country to get the scoop on what's going on! They know what's happening when it's happening. I check the east coast romper site to look for new bands and find out what's happening all the time, 'coz they got the scoop!”
Marc Amendola - g-soul (guitarist)


“East coast romper rules...not a joke, where else can one find every record, show and happening in the rock scene in such detail from folks who get it...now, that is a beautiful thing. I go to find out what is rocking and what is not, where the shows are at, what is rad what is bad.....and i trust the reviews..can NOT say that about many other places...so there.”
cherryk (los angeles, ca)

“Romper defines what a music site should, devotion to the underground!”
Joseph (feltsideout-York, PA)

“Stephanie from the East Coast Romper was the first to ever interview me and she continues to stay loyal to us while still seeking out the new bands that we'll all love in the future. Thanks Steph for your undying passion for music.”
Lyle (ambionic)

Rob Reed......co-worker

“So I'm not really sure where a person so genuine comes from in this industry. I know she's from Mass., a wicked good place, but that doesn't explain it. Stephanie is doing things no one else is doing, she is taking responsibility for herself, as well as, creating something interesting, helpful, respected, and cool. ECR is cool. Steph knows the bands kids want to hear about, then she gets in touch (the right way), and meets and reports to her loyal listeners. Steph, you rule!! Thanks for putting the ECR peeps in touch with Soulcracker & Boy Hits Car...two great bands!! Keep running strong!”
Johnny McD (Soulcracker.com & BoyHitsCar.com)

“This is the real deal! This zine really knows what going on out there! No fake shit here, this zine really has a pulse on the street!”
Daddy Long Legs, WOLFPAC / Mike Bowe SugarDaddy Records / Chord Records.

“I know for a fact that Steph and the EAST COAST ROMPER has kept not only me but the rest of the East Coast reminded about a lot of bands and happenings that we wouldn't know about otherwise. The interviews are great because they're done from Steph's view which will always be the fan's view. It's always a good read.”
Ro Kohli - Field Marketing Coordinator - Roadrunner Records

“Working on behalf of the band Boiler Room has brought me in contact with Stephanie Stevens. collaborating with Stephanie has been a joy, and I hope she and I can work together again in the future. She's such an outgoing, caring person, she's become much more than a colleague, she's become a friend.”
Lyz Merolo

“Stephanie really adds her intense passion for music in her writing...creating a visual image in the reader's mind...excellent stuff...”
joesph beaty of mindlikewater

“I love getting the East coast romper! It always has the latest info and things to keep me ahead of the game in the music scene. I can't tell you how many new bands I have been turned on to from reading about them in the East Coast Romper zine.”
Jamie Hypnotic Kick

“The East Cost Romper has been doing a great job for a long time now with covering the local scene and grabbing national acts for interesting interviews. With the addition of the zine going online, it's coverage and ability to reach the masses is greater than ever. Steph has also done a lot for helping the local scene with promotion of it's bands and shows to draw interest which this scene has definitely appreciated.”
Digital Ruin - InsideOut / Century Media Records

“Steph has been flying the Metal Flag for underground, small label and independent bands for almost a decade now! I dare you to find another mag with a boss as cool as mine!”
Jay Santo, Proud East Coast Romper Employee

“Stephanie runs an up to the minute zine loaded with pertinent details on the happenings of up and coming hard rockin bands. She has interviewed several bands that I work with and reviewed countless shows. She is always a pleasure to work with as she is genuinely a music lover and interested in bringing a fresh approach to the bands she features.”
Annissa Mason - Brooks Company PR

“How much do I love this Stephanie Stevens person?!! Thanks so much for forwarding that information on. Tell her that we love her! It's awesome to hear people getting excited about our bands.”
Judy Neubauer - Maverick Recording Company

“Stephanie Stevens is the one of the most reliable and hard working journalists that I have had the pleasure of working with. She is highly professional and all of my bands that have had the pleasure of an interview with her absolutely adore her. Stephanie is truly a rarity in this business... she goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone is pleased with the final output.”
Michelle Sims - National Tour Publicist, MCA Records

“I am very proud of Stephanie (not because she is my daughter) but because she gives 100% in helping struggling bands get noticed and keeping all kinds of music available for everyone. The East Coast Romper, started, written, edited and published by her has helped the masses out there. Stephanie is very professional and yet has fun with the bands as you can tell by reading her interviews. I think she would be an asset in any kind of music career. I have listened to a lot of music which I probably would not have heard because of her and I love a lot of it and most of the people she has met. You don't find many people currently this devoted to a job she does for free. Keep rocking' Steph!”
B. Stevens (Mom)

“Stephanie works very hard to keep us up-to-date with what is happening in the world of hard rock with East Coast Romper. It's informative, timely, and chock-full of fabulous info to keep me informed!”
Lynne Okin - Tommy Boy Music - Media Relations for Boiler Room, Everlast, other Tommy Boy rock acts

“Stephanie has put together quite an informative zine- She definitely knows her music and is on the pulse of what is hot and heavy, not to mention up and coming. She has been a tremendous help getting the word out on our bands.”
Jennifer Sheller, Publicity, Maverick Recording Co.

“East Coast Romper is an underground music community that anyone should be proud of. The newsletters speak for themselves. Rock on ROMPER!”
Ralski @ www.1605.com


“The East Coast romper has been a very effective and informative way for all of us here at LOCOBAZOOKA! and 3-D Entertainment Inc. to keep up with who the next cool bands will be! Stephanie seems to have her finger on the pulse and is extremely professional on how she executes the handling of the online zine that she puts out on a regular basis. Very consistent! Easy to read. Lots of great content. Cutting edge! She has a great career in front of her.”
Daniel Hartwell - President 3-D Entertainment inc.

“The Romper is really the only e-zine I've ever read that I feel has the integrity and forethought put into it of a major national publication. I'm constantly amazed that Stephanie has the ability to really give you a down-to-earth insight on all the up and coming bands of today with her interviews, and yet stays objective and precise in the reviews of the albums. The updates for who is doing what, is the only I read out of any publication, because it is the only one that really keeps track of bands that you WANT to hear, not what the music industry wants you to hear.”
Brent Bradford - Guitarist - Local Porn Star

“Steph Stevens and the East Coast Romper, truly are the best inside 411 of today's music scene. Steph has become a great friend amongst us in this circle we call the music biz”
Joey Duenas - Unloco

“Stephanie is a hard worker and always willing to give her best. Her East Coast Romper Zine is fresh, accurate, and there is an intimacy about her interviews that stand out from the rest. Not only is she very knowledgeable and devoted to the music industry, she is also a very kind and generous human being. It has been with great privilege that I have had the opportunity to work along side Steph as well as being her friend.”
John Barreiros - Record Town Sales Associate

“Stephanie has done nothing but handled business in helping www.streetwise.com, promote up and coming bands as Primer 55, Hed (pe), Taproot and various others. As far as The East Coast Romper Zine is concerned, I love finding a new one every couple of weeks in my in-box. She has no shame in asking bands all the questions that people want asked and giving honest reviews on both CD's and shows. It is always a pleasure dealing with Stephanie and she always gets the job done!”

“Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with over the years. I have been a publicist for 13 years and can say that Stephanie is professional. Her enthusiasm for all types of music and her "whatever it takes attitude" makes her very easy to work with. She has completed many in person interviews with my bands and I have had only positive feedback from them.”
Renee Pfefer - RP Media - Tour Publicity

“Steph is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with.“
Mark Bouvier - Eastcide

“Stephanie Stevens and the East Coast Romper Zine has helped bring the name of our band to a whole new level on the East coast and beyond! Her interview and write-up was interesting, informative and fun. Exposure from her zine has helped us to get Internet exposure that assisted in getting our first national television appearance on Farmclub.”
Keith ( suit guy) 20 Dead Flower Children

“While other zine editors come and go...Stephanie has remained loyal to the scene and hasn't rolled up and died like some other publications. That's why people should check out the Romper.”
Paul Autry 1/2 Creeper Zine Editor

“East Coast Romper is a new, cutting edge zine, keeping the reader well on top of all the latest in the world of ‘hard music’.”
Dave Tedder - Manipulation MKTG.

“East Coast Romper is the best magazine on line and they talk about all the best music! Especially Soulshed.”
Dan Desmarais - Romper Fan

“Stephanie has been a strong supporter for a lot of bands - whether they are established or un-established. Her in-depth writing has lead us to use her interviews in our press kits which are mailed out to several other journalist to generate more support for our bands. It is always a pleasure to work with a tenacious individual as Stephanie and her zine East Coast Romper.”
Maria Gonzales - PR - Roadrunner Records

“Stephanie Stevens and I have worked on several occasions together. She is extremely professional, prompt and reliable and I have enjoyed working with her at each of the various labels I have worked at including Virgin, TVT and Discovery Records. East Coast Romper is informative and very very cutting edge.”
Lisbeth Cassaday - PR - Virgin Records

“The East Coast Romper's great! They keep me up to date with a lot of bands I know and love and introduce me to bands I grow to love. Great interviews and great reviews.”
Tim Stooksberry - Dredge

“I would like to thank you for the last year of great reviews and interviews. You have opened my eyes and ears to a few bands that don't stand in the media spotlight. Most of all I would like to thank you for the inspiration, zines like East Coast Romper and Rubberneck have givin' me the push I needed to create a web page of reviews. Thank you and please keep up with the good work and I'll keep reading.”

“Insightful, inquisitive and chock full o' metal. Two thumbs up!”
Marty O'Brien

“East Coast Romper is the shit. I wish we had something like this on the West Coast.”

“The East Coast Romper Zine is very informative. Stephanie is quite thorough in the research she does into all of the bands, topics and subjects she puts into it. She doesn't keep the bands waiting and she has a lot of heart!!! I'm proud to have my band mentioned in her zine.”

“Just wanted to say that the Romper is great because it covers a variety of music including unsigned bands. The interviews are always good because they seem laid back and you ask a variety of questions instead of the same stuff that's in every interview.”
Dave Barr - Friend

“Killer East Coast zine...knows the scene, knows how to promote the music, aggressively growing their readership via the Net, writes real reviews/interviews, not meaningless puff pieces to ensure a steady flow of CD's in her mailbox!”
Paul Resta - Product Manager - ISLAND DEF JAM

“The Romper is a great place to learn about up and coming talent. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the indie music scene.”
Krista Lamb - RHIG MAGAZINE (Canada)

“I love all the magazines that go out of their way to do interviews and articles on what's real, on what needs to be said, on what's the truth. Romper does this.”
Brian Armer - (my beautiful secret)

“The East Coast Romper, one of the most informative, descriptive and accurate Fanzines I've ever read. Stephanie knows her stuff, from new album releases and band updates to interviews to reports on live shows. It's all in there.”
Kyle Jordon - Friend

“The East Coast Romer is great. It's very informative and covers the whole spectrum of hard music. It's a great way to check out new bands. Steph seems to be one step aheard of all of us.”

“Stephanie is really committed to promoting music. The Romper exhibits tons of fresh enthusiasm in an age where everyone is sarcastic and jaded. Steph is a music fan, not just someone going through the motions like a lot of zine editors.”
Todd Sciore - (x-Rubberneck Zine, editor and friend)

“Stephanie Stevens of the East Coast Romper seems to me to be one of the hardest workers in the music industry. Her newsletters are filled with tons of interesting information about musicians from many different genres. Her musical knowledge and diversity are quite apparent as one reads through her honest reviews and subsequent interviews. Through my personal interactions with Stephanie, I have found her to be a sincere individual with a thrist for music and a love of people.”
Amanda Hilken - Romper Fan

“Romper Zine is one of the most informative mags of it's kind. I read it for all the happenings in the music scene. Hats off to Steph, it's creator!”
Paul Nelson - LIEGE LORD

“The Romper ROCKS! There is so much info in it that we don't get her in Ma. You get the when, where, how and why all right here! The interviews are awesome too! Constructive questions but with a little tasteful humor to keep it more interesting! ROMP IT UP!”
Tony Silva - SAVANNAH

“East Coast Romper is the best online zine I have seen yet. Stephanie is very informative in her press releases and interviews. She is also very knowledgeable of the metal scene!!!!! From myself and the boys in the band ------- YOU KICK ASS GIRL!!!!!!!!!”

“The East Coast E-zine has the best into on underground/indie bands on the web. She has helped us (GONEMAD) and so many other bands get the recognition they deserve. Thanks for everything.”
Craig - GONEMAD (FL)

“The Romperzine is definitely one of the most invigorating underground hard-core e-mags I have EVER read. If you have an interest in even ONE certain style of hard-core, Romper will always full-fill that taste. Very informative on groups you would never know existed, but very happy you found out after reading the newest issue of Romper each month. And as for the Editor...Stephy...she is one of the best friends I've ever made in the music industry. Always keeping me up on the news and listening to things I tell her. KEEP IT UP STEPHY!!!!!!”
KA - Friend

“As for my thoughts on your work at East Coast Romper, I feel Stephanie is a well in-depth writer and gives an honest, clear view on CD and show reviews. I also think her interviews are humorist and interesting to read. She has a knack for getting good and honest information out of artists without making it sound uninteresting.”
Laurie Zylicz - (Z MANAGEMENT)

“The Romper has more information than any hard music fan even needs. It is a very well constructed publication that I am very proud to have been a part of.”

“Steph, thanks for keeping it real and all the support...e.c.r.rocks !!!!! peace.”

“I think the East Coast Romper is informative. Stephanie asks all the important questions of all the bands. She is also very good at getting new bands out there in the public eye. Some of the bands she has interviewed make me want to buy their music. Also, the things she writes in her CD reviews make me decide whether or not to buy the CD. I really enjoy reading her zine.”
Amy - Friend

“The East Coast Romper is one of the first zine's to ever interview (hed) pe on the East Coast. Stephanie was very professional and actually knew her music. We do get asked a lot of questions that are very generic and monotonous. Both interviews we've done with Stephanie were very impressive and good for the band as well. She also has a good ear for new bands because I often hear of new cool bands through the Romper.”
BC (hed)p.e.

“Stephanie helps out bands nation and worldwide. She lets everyone on her e-mail list know the ins and outs of every underground band you can think of. The Romper E-zine was one of the first online zines that we ever worked with and we still work with her to this day.”
Lyle - (ambionic)